A hurricane of intellectual sexuality, Stormy Leather creats acts that are provoking, passionate, and fantastically erotic. She seduces audiences with romantic tableaux of sadism and masochism, teases the elite with flashes of fans, flesh, and diamonds, and psychologically flirts by breaking every gender rule in the book. More than just a savvy performance artist, she's an actress, model, and producer. You've seen the curves of her thighs on the pages of Penthouse and watched those curves come alive in music videos for 30 Seconds to Mars and The Magnetic Fields. She's won a Maverick Award for "Best Actress", traveled the best of the Fringe Festivals with The Jim Rose Circus, and presents the best of burlesque and cabaret to packed rooms at her Debauchery and Wassabasco Hellfire Club shows. Inspired, intense, and wholly original, Stormy Leather leaves you breathless, winded, and wet.
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