Burlesque: A Reemergence with Stormy Leather

Burlesque: A Reemergence

BURLESQUE: A REEMERGENCE from Marble Step Productions on Vimeo.



The different forms of human expression are bewildering, challenging, shocking, but always fascinating. Why do we do what we do, hide what we do, and wonder what others are doing? Human behavior is undeniably interesting to watch. Just as no two human beings are alike in the way they reveal who they truly are, no two human beings are also alike in the manner in which they explore their inner sexual self.

Sexuality, often self-expression in its rawest form, creates an intricate world filled with passion… and confusion. What an individual finds sexy may hinge on his/her upbringing, the behavior of those around them, trauma, humor, as well as the secrets they guard, the censorship that controls, and the fear and complexities they hold inside. Why do certain things shock us? We often don’t know why. All we know is that certain things elicit feelings we aren’t used to feeling – good and bad. Has anyone ever reached the end of their sexual discovery and claimed, “I know every inch of who I am and what I want? ” What we find sexy morphs, grows, and changes every day – just as we do.

Burlesque: A Reemergence, is an exploration of neo-burlesque – a seeming celebration of an old entertainment that has found its way back to mainstream culture. Why has something that was popular so long ago, captivatingly reemerged? Is there a difference between burlesque and strip clubs? In the burlesque community, the New York burlesque performers are known as “The Artists”. It is said that they make social, political, satirical, and introspective commentaries with every carefully chosen movement and that there is humor in the overtly grandiose style of the genre. Why are women and men choosing to express themselves this way again? Why is there such a fascination with this performance genre in New York again? Why are there theatres set up to create what the burlesque world has coined a “sex positive” culture? What does “sex positive” mean, exactly? Are all Burlesque houses in New York focused on the artistic or is there discourse between the houses as the pull to sell out becomes stronger with it’s growing popularity?

In a city where Broadway rarely tries something new, people are risking themselves night after night on a truly different stage. Let’s find out why.

About Filming

We are filming multiple interviews and two massive burlesque performances. This is the fundraiser specifically for the production—the amount we raise (after the IndieGoGo fee) goes to our DP/crew/equipment/rental/production costs for filming all of our interviews and performances. We are shooting on a Red Epic camera due to the live performance element and the visual nature of this piece. The producers are working for free on this project and are doing so because of our interest in learning more about this unique performance genre.

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If you don’t have funds to donate, please share this with anyone you feel would want to support such a special peice of work. That means just as much to us as the money!


Courtney Lindberg Photography * Tristan Schmidt * Emily Fletcher * Mark Sloan

Amber and Josh Moon * Rachel and Matthew Holtzclaw * Kristal Eckhardt

Daniel Engelman * Bonnie Roberts * Lori Spielberger Klein * Noemi Castro

Steve Morris * Lisa Geismar * Anita Gonzalez * Nina Shreiber * Brooke Smith